Zi̇p Curtain Systems

Zi̇p Curtain Systems

The zippered curtain is a shading system in front of the stained glass for finished construction. Moves vertically to the external control system.

Zip curtain systems are a new generation of curtain models that have gained popularity in our country in recent years, with functionality, low cost and less space. Zip curtains are mainly used in hotels, restaurants, terraces and winter gardens.

The most important reason that distinguishes the Zip Curtain from others is the special fabric used in it. The two most important functions of this fabric are wind protection and waterproofing at speeds of 140 km per hour. This allows the system to be used mainly in areas with heavy rainfall and wind. It is also present in other properties of the fabric. It is not possible to see the inside of a Zip curtain when viewed from the outside, but the outside can be seen in its entirety when viewed from the inside. This explains the great need for this system.

The zip curtain system can be easily installed anywhere and moves from top to bottom on the side rails. This allows the curtain to stay taut in any weather. The system can be controlled in 2 ways:

  1. With special remote control
  2. Manual control

Remote controlled.

Zip curtain systems are installed with a special motor. This engine has the ability to work remotely, as well as operate in the most silent mode.

With manual control.

Curtains with a zipper are controlled by a special lever installed on the system.

The application of the zip curtain system is very wide. It can be installed anywhere, as well as with some other systems. These include products such as doors, windows, guillotine, HBSB, etc. Zip-curtain systems, which are installed mainly on the outside of these products, create great convenience in use. The water resistance of this system allows it to be used on the ceiling as well. Thus, this system can be used as a pergola, even above a skylight, as a sun screen.

The edges of the Zip curtain system and the engine compartment are made of aluminum profiles, and color options are also available depending on the space used. In addition, the zip curtain system has the ability to choose any color and even print images, patterns, logos, text according to the space and desire.

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