Pergola Systems

Pergola Systems

Pergola is a suitable system for protection from any weather conditions- rain, sun and snow.

Nowadays, people prefer more open spaces. For this reason, terraces, balconies and winter gardens are built. Most pergola systems are used in the construction of these shaped spaces.

Pergola means (lid) in Italian. As the name suggests, this is a system used to cover open spaces. Pergola systems differ from other types of coatings in their beautiful appearance and functionality. This system is mounted on aluminum box profiles.

The functionality of the pergola system lies in the fact that it can open and close and completely illuminates the space when closed.

The pergola system is divided into two parts depending on its management:

  • Remote control
  • Manual control

Remote controlled pergola systems are installed with a special motor and controlled by a functional remote control. The quietest operation of the engine increases the comfort of this system.

Manual pergolas are controlled by a special closed lever. Simple and easy to use, it creates comfort for users.

The most important thing that makes a pergola system special is its covering. This coating is water and wind resistant and durable. In addition to water resistance, it is resistant to sunlight and durable. The lighting of the pergola system is also installed on the cover from the inside. Thus, the lighting in the cabin is fully provided.

The pergola system is equipped with special LED lighting, which is distinguished by the presence of warm or cold tones, as well as a choice of colors. The lighting of the pergola system can be controlled from a remote control or a remote control connected to the system as desired.

The pergola system is mainly made of aluminium. This is due to the fact that aluminum is strong and lightweight. Made entirely of aluminium, this system is equipped with drainage channels. The cover of the pergola system, moving on the marches in the outer parts, in the open state provides complete hydro and wind protection.

One of the biggest advantages of the pergola system is the ability to install other systems. Any system is easily mounted on the box profiles of the pergola system. The color of the coating and the profile of the pergola system can be changed at will. However, the scope of the pergola system is very wide. This system is used in homes, hotels, restaurants and even sports facilities.

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