Office Partition Systems

Office Partition Systems

Partition wall systems used in offices, restaurants and homes have enjoyed great sympathy and demand from users for many years. Today, partitions are made of wood, drywall, aluminum panels, sandwich panels and, most importantly, glass materials. Partition systems divide the interior space, creating rooms and dining areas.

Sometimes this system is used to distinguish between outdoor and indoor space. The most popular partition systems are glass partition systems. This is because glass partition systems are more functional than other systems.

Distinctive features of glass partitions are:

  1. Provides a high level of sound insulation in the rooms used.
  2. Provides uninterrupted light penetration into the interior.
  3. Facilitates workflow management in used offices.
  4. Creates beauty and variety in space with its transparent decorative appearance.
  5. Provides space savings with a thinner structure than other partition systems.
  6. Differs in that it can be prepared according to each space.

One of the main reasons why glass partition systems are being promoted is because this system is the most secure system compared to other systems. This system is characterized by maximum harm to people and space as a result of any accident. This is due to the fact that the glass used in the system is tempered. Even if tempered glass breaks during an accident, it will not cause any harm to people or space due to its ability to break into small pieces. The functionality of tempered glass stands out in most glass partition systems.

Glass partition systems consist of two parts:

  1. All-glass partitions.
  2. Glass partitions in a profile frame.

Partitions, consisting entirely of glass, are made by connecting them with joints. Most glass partition systems of this type use tempered laminated glass. Laminated glass is produced under thermal pressure by bonding two tempered glasses with a layer of colorless special adhesive (PVB). Laminated glass minimizes damage even if broken. These glasses prevent glass fragments from falling to the ground due to the adhesive layer between them in case of breakage. All-glass partition systems can be made from colored, sandblasted and veneered glass. According to the aura of your space, partition systems can be made on glass with any image, pattern and color by UV printing.

Profile glass partitions can be made from profiles of different colors and in any color scheme. What distinguishes this system from other systems is the ability to use packaged glass inside the profiles. Packaged glass is made by placing a cheetah profile between the glass to leave a gap between two tempered glasses. This type of glass is distinguished by its ability to increase heat and sound insulation. These types of partition systems can be installed inside an insulating glass unit, with remote or manual control of curtains and blinds.

Glass partition systems also have many types of doors to save space. These are simple folding, sliding and automatic door systems. The simple opening door system is one of the systems we often see. Sliding door systems save space by moving on their own. Automatic door systems not only save space, but also provide comfort thanks to contactless opening.

Each lock can be used in glass partition systems. These include key, code and even fingerprint locking systems. However, this system also comes to the fore in terms of security.

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