Guillotine Systems

Guillotine Systems

In the developing city, there is a great demand for glass and glass products. Given this need, efforts are being made to increase and improve the range of glass products. Emerging new products satisfy consumers, making them more functional and useful. One such new product is glass guillotine systems. This system is called the movable rail system. This is because there are two system functions in one system.

The glass guillotine system consists of glass panels and moves vertically. In this way, the lowest of the glass panels remains stationary while the rest of the glass panels move. All glass panels act as railings when closed and function as a window when the glass panels are fully open. Glass guillotine systems mainly consist of two, three or four panels depending on the height. Only one of them remains stable. Other panels move on rails.

The glass is divided into two parts according to the control of the guillotine system:

  1. Glass guillotine systems with remote control
  2. Manual guillotine systems for glass

Remote controlled guillotine systems are controlled by a special remote control and the system is installed with a special motor. In motion, the system works with maximum silence. Also, when the panels are folded, you can keep the panels level with the remote control. This allows you to easily ventilate the interior.

Manual glass guillotine systems are operated by a special hand connected to the system. This system, which can be moved even without electricity, can be serviced at any level and is very easy to use.

Any type of glass can be used in glass guillotine systems. So, at the request of the customer, stacked, simple tempered and laminated tempered glass can be used in the system. Solid glass systems that use packaged glass provide greater thermal insulation than other types of glass and minimize perspiration.

The scope of guillotine systems is very wide. This system is most often used in hotels, restaurants, terraces and winter gardens. In addition, this system can be used in residential buildings, swimming pools and sports fields.

Profile and glass color options are also available upon request.

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