Glass Shower Cabin Systems

Glass Shower Cabin Systems

If you want to save space in the bathroom or don’t like to take a bath, the solution is obvious – install a shower cabin system. The shower cabin occupies a minimum of space in the bathroom, is convenient, roomy and affordable. You just need to understand how to choose a shower cabin depending on its features (size, shape, type of glass, etc.)

Shower cabins with paddons or without?

Without paddons. You stand directly on the tile, the water flow passes through a ladder built into the floor. Such a solution will allow to achieve visual purity of the structure, but for this the complexity of the shower cabin system, for example, the impossibility of movement when moving and a certain discomfort when bare feet come into contact with the tiles.

With paddons. This type of glass shower enclosures is more common. Such shower cabins are explained by ease of installation, ease of operation, ease of maintenance. However, it should be noted that this type of shower enclosure has a more “rough shape” than the type of shower enclosure without a base. That is, if you pay a lot of attention to the interior of the bathroom, then this shower cabin system may not fit your interior for a long time. It also costs more than other shower enclosure systems.

Area and shape of glass shower system:

Most models have a square base with sides of 70-170 cm. This format provides enough space in the shower cabin and the ability to choose the installation location (in the corner, along the wall and in the middle of the room). But you can find glass shower enclosure systems that come in rectangular, round (all, half and quarter) and oval (or part of it). These types of glass shower enclosures take up less space in the bathroom.

Depth. All parts are divided into 3 types: small (side height 3-5 cm), medium (up to 20-25 cm) and high (from 30-40 cm). The choice of a shower enclosure should be based on special conditions: If older people use the shower, they should install a shallow shower tray. Designed to be more comfortable and safer. If you have a small child and are not taking a bath, you can wash your child by closing the drain and drawing water into the bottom of the deep cabin.

Choosing glass shower doors

One of the main features of the shower cabin is its glass doors. Attention should be paid to their opening style and material. Of course, these glass doors are different (printed glass, ribbed glass, glass inside fabric, glass inside metal, colored glass, black and white glass, chameleon glass, smart glass, soundproof glass, clear laminated glass, etc.). d.). There are different types depending on the way of opening: sliding, side opening, fixed glass, etc.)

When ordering a shower enclosure system for your home or apartment building, first of all pay attention to the pressure and quality of the water, because the functionality, design and materials of the shower enclosure depend on this.

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