Enamel Paints And UV Printing Work

Enamel Paints And UV Printing Work

Today, glass products are used more in the interior design of homes and offices and they make the space seem larger.

Recently, most glass products are used in offices and homes. This is because the glass has a thinner and more beautiful appearance. In addition, glass can be given any design. Enamel paint and UV printing are used to match the glass design.

Enamel paints are of the following types:

These include sandblasting and enamel painting. After grinding, the glass acquires an ice shape and loses its transparency. These shaped windows are mainly used in office partitions and shower enclosures. However, this product, which is also widely used in aluminum profile or single glass doors, is more in demand due to the beautiful appearance, smaller space and limited visibility. Enamel paint is applied to one side of the glass before it is tempered and tempered. In this case, the glass loses its transparency and acquires the desired color.

These curly glasses are mainly used for decoration and interior decoration. They even cover the walls of the entire space with these glasses. This is due to the fact that enameled glass looks more beautiful and more elegant than other products. The main reason why this product is in high demand is that it comes in any color scheme to match the design of the room and is easy to clean. Along with these products, the most popular and interesting product is UV printed glass.

UV printing allows you to apply any image, pattern, color, logo, text on glass. This system, which allows any image to be displayed on glass, regardless of the size of the glass, is in great demand. Demand for this product is especially high in offices, restaurants, homes and medical centers. The reason for this is that UV printing produces a beautiful image while limiting the interior appearance as desired. In addition, there is an opportunity to use more in promotional prints.

The advantage of these products is that they can be applied anywhere. It can also be installed in any system (doors, windows, glass facades, guillotines, railings, showers). These glasses can be made not only in packaging, but are also in great demand today.

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