Aluminium Isosystem Windows and Doors

Aluminium Isosystem Windows and Doors

Today, buyers prefer plastic doors and windows. However, some buyers are not aware of the greater functionality and features of doors and windows with aluminum isosystems. In this blog, we will share with you interesting and useful information about aluminum isosystems.

Manufacturers of windows and doors prefer aluminum. This is due to the fact that aluminum material is durable and lightweight.

A distinctive feature of aluminum isosystem doors and windows is that they create a beautiful image in the rooms where they are used, but at the same time, such windows are easy to operate and resistant to cold and wet weather. The aluminum isosystem material is used in most of the facilities built today.

Why aluminum isosystem?

  • Aluminum windows or doors have a service life of up to 80 years. Even PVC doors and windows are known to be more durable.
  • Durable aluminum construction.
  • Allows you to order a window or door of any shape (round window, doors with an unusual appearance, etc.)
  • Aluminum does not burn, melt or emit toxic substances. That is, it is completely harmless to human health, pets and plants.
  • As mentioned above, damp air and cold weather do not harm aluminum windows.

What nuances should be taken into account?

  • What type of profile is required for the window or door. These profiles consist of 2 parts depending on their type.
  1. Cold-insulated profile
  2. Thermal insulation profile

Cold-insulated profiles must be installed in areas with mild winters. However, for harsh and cold winters, thermally insulated profiles are more suitable.

  • The quality of the rubber used. If you decide to buy tires cheaper, you are wrong. One of the most important accessories in windows or doors is rubber. The better and stronger the rubber of a window or door, the longer it will last. There are several types of window and door rubber bands:
  1. Profile rubbers based on natural rubber. These rubbers are not very expensive and are excellently resistant to various external factors.
  2. Simple profile rubber bands. This type of rubber is not suitable for areas with prolonged frost. Suitable for residential areas with a more temperate climate.
  3. Thermoplastic rubbers. It is better not to use it in high temperature rooms.
  4. Silicone rubbers. This is the most widely used type of rubber and the quality cannot be ignored. These rubbers are the best in all respects.
  • Manufacturers advise to have a reliable brand. Used brands: Roto, Siegenia, G-U, Maco.

The aluminum isosystem is the most reliable of all aluminum systems. Although the aluminum isosystem has only recently entered the market, it is very popular with customers. The fact that this system has more options than conventional aluminum profiles is the main reason for the high demand for it. The main factor that distinguishes the aluminum isosystem from ordinary aluminum is that it is more hermetic. The isosystem profile, which mainly consists of two aluminum joints, creates thermal insulation by regulating the airflow through the plastic profile between these two aluminum elements. For this reason, aluminum cannot transfer heat to each other. Thanks to the air gaps between the profiles, the outside temperature never gets inside. In addition, aluminum isosystems are mainly used in noisy places.

Aluminum isosystem profiles in a wide range of colors add aesthetic beauty without compromising the interior and exterior of living spaces and facilities used. Laminated and painted aluminum profiles of isosystems are in great demand among consumers due to a wide choice of colors. These profiles do not require constant maintenance and are very convenient to use. It should be noted that using aluminum isosystems it is possible to manufacture not only single windows and doors, but also many products (glass and double-glazed windows HBSB). Choosing an aluminum isosystem, you get a wide range of possibilities, both in architecture and in the interior!

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