Aluminium Hebe Schiebe Systems

Aluminium Hebe Schiebe Systems

One of the most preferred sliding systems in the PVC and aluminum window or door sector are the HBSB sliding systems.

The HBSB aluminum system is an aluminum door system that can be used as a sliding and lifting sliding, with a leaf span of 250-300 kg and a height of up to 3 meters. Since EDPM rubbers are used on the body and fender, the insulation is at the highest level. Thanks to this design, door guides provide higher insulation and larger dimensions. The biggest feature of the aluminum HBSB system is that it is easy to use due to the imported mechanism. HBSB aluminum systems with their unique profiles are the ideal solution for thermal, acoustic and waterproofing.

Features of aluminum HBSB systems are as follows:

  • Ideal system for wide openings
  • In the catalog there is the possibility of manufacturing in all colors
  • It is a complete solution for all types of sliding windows and doors.
  • Use of special EDPM rubbers instead of conventional and simple rubbers
  • Applique glass with glass beads
  • Stainless steel rail application
  • Installing a secure lock in multiple locations
  • Ability to use automatic drive and lifting mechanism
  • 12mm and 20mm polyamide insulation line
  • Wing width 55mm
  • Ability to apply glass up to 24-30 mm thick

Areas of use:

It is used in open spaces such as balconies, terraces and gardens. Therefore, without violating the integrity of the landscape, as mentioned above, high sound, hydro and thermal insulation is provided, which reflects the warmth and naturalness of the sun in the interior.

HBSB aluminum door systems are a system that has been attracting more and more attention in recent years for its ease of use and convenience. Thanks to special wheels and wheel guides under the opening profile of this system, even children can use it comfortably. When HBSB systems are made of aluminum, they are durable and lightweight.

Aluminum HBSB systems can be made from profiles and glass in different colors, depending on the design of your home and space.

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