Aluminium Facade Systems

Aluminium Facade Systems

Today we see with our own eyes the enormous impact of the nascent glass sector on urban development. In the past, aluminum stone facade systems have replaced this product for many years, despite the fact that most stone cladding is used on building facades. The reason for this is obvious.

Glass facade systems give a great look to the building in which they are used. At the same time, it creates excellent conditions for more light to enter the interior. One of the distinguishing features of this product is that it is lighter than stone and does not change over time. Many of these benefits are the main reason behind the rapid spread and demand for this product. Aluminum facade systems also delight users with their convenience and functionality. Thus, a hidden wing system is placed inside the aluminum glass front system to provide interior ventilation, so you can easily ventilate the interior. The hidden sash system works without disturbing the appearance of the facade.

There are several types of aluminum glass facade systems:

  1. Silicone facade systems
  2. Facade coating systems
  3. Semi-closed facade systems
  4. Composite facade systems

Silicone facade systems

This is one of the systems that enhances the beauty of glass. When viewed from the outside, this system is completely glass without any profile. In this system, the glass is glued to the profile in a special form. A double EPDM fuse is used to provide insulation between windows. Because no silicone is used between the windows, there is no view between the panes to separate them. This gives you a completely glassy look. This system can use a hidden wing system.

Covering facade systems

This is one of the most popular systems due to its efficiency. When you look at an object with this system from the outside, you will see vertical and horizontal lines between the windows. In this system, the glass is placed inside the profiles, secured with a retaining profile and completed with a cover. An EPDM fuse is used to provide insulation. A hidden wing system can also be used in this system.

Semi-closed facade systems

Although these systems are similar to façade systems with a lid, when viewed from the outside, only horizontal or vertical lines can be seen. This feature of the system allows you to get an appearance that matches the design of the building. A hidden wing system can also be used in this system.

Composite facade systems

Even with the cover system, you can customize the horizontal and vertical lines you see in the field. Buddha gives the building an aesthetic appearance. In this system, a hidden wing system can be used.

Profile color and texture options are available for all façade systems. In addition, single, laminated and tempered glass can be used in each façade system. However, most packaged bottles are preferred. The reason for this is the maximum sound and heat insulation. These systems are also the most commonly used multifunctional glasses. This is the perfect way to block the sun’s UV rays. The functionality of glass facade systems does not end there. In addition to this system, it is possible to add a zip-curtain, blinds that can be controlled from a distance between the double-glazed window and manually. This allows you to block outside light at any time. Facade systems can be installed according to the height of the building. Depending on the size of the glass, the strength of aluminum profiles is increased by supporting them with iron.

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