Accordion Glass Systems

Accordion Glass Systems

In the developing glass sector, new types of glass products are introduced every day. One such new product is accordion systems. Accordion systems are completely different and functional than many other systems. The principle of operation of Accordion systems is completely different and convenient, which is why it is very popular among users.

Glass panels with aluminum profile frames are connected to each other by a loop or a metal cable passing through the profiles. This system, moving along the profiles fixed from the lower and upper parts, does not interfere with entry and exit from the premises, since the lower profile can be placed inside the floor. The hinged parts of the panels are equipped with a special lock. However, the system can be opened as much as you like. Where this system is installed, it is completely removed when opened. In this case, the interior is fully ventilated and the image does not deteriorate.

The Accordion glass system is available in many different hole types as desired:

  • Door accordions
  • Single sided accordion systems
  • Bilateral accordion systems

The door bellows are not connected to other panels, and the door can be easily used even if the bellows are closed.

One-sided “accordion” systems are installed depending on the length, and when open, the panels are assembled on one side only.

Double-sided opening accordion systems are installed regardless of length, and when opened, the panels are assembled from two parts.

Accordion systems can be installed indoors and outdoors. When installed outdoors, the system has water supply channels.

The windows of the “accordion” system can be made of single or stacked glass as desired. This system, which allows you to choose any color of glass, uses a more versatile glass. This prevents sunlight and heat from getting inside.

Accordion systems can be mounted on top of other systems, including blinds and zip-up curtains. These systems are mounted between the windows of the accordion package and can be controlled remotely.

Accordion systems have additional color options. At the same time, it adapts to the design of the room where it is installed and creates a beautiful image.

Accordion systems are mainly used in country houses, hotels, restaurants and offices and are in great demand.

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